• 1. Fast speed (feed speed is 7150mm/min, some models can reach 9m/min).
    2, very few waste materials. Because the machine uses coiled strip instead of angle steel to produce flange, there is very little waste. Especially suitable for the production of stainless steel expensive raw materials in the flange production.
    3, high accuracy. Flange ring connection surface is particularly flat. The drilling accuracy is accurate.
    4, simple operation. The machine adopts digital touch screen design, which is easy to operate and clear at a glance.
    5. Many large companies in the industry have bought our company's equipment.


  • 1. Servo motor is precisely positioned, especially suitable for industries requiring high punching accuracy, such as display rack production.
    2. Manual, automatic, double-wire and single-wire processing.
    3. The body structure is stable and strong. Dies can be assembled freely to facilitate the replacement of dies.
    4. Can be opposite pipe, rectangular pipe, circular pipe, profile, separate punching, equidistant unequal punching, rotary punching, push cylinder punching.
    5. NC touch screen design, easy to operate.
    6. Servo motor feeding, clamping, high stability, fast speed.
    7. Oil pressure system zero load design, low frequency motor oil pump, low noise.


  • Fast speed, high efficiency, 24 hours operation, good adaptability, stable performance, high cost performance

National High-tech Enterprises, Torch Plan Implementation Units, Standard Workshops

Products are widely used in ships, transportation, construction, commercial overhead shelves, warehousing shelves, high-speed guardrails, greenhouse fences, ventilation pipelines, HVAC engineering, furniture, refrigeration and air conditioning, sports equipment, automobiles and motorcycles, leisure supplies, mineral processing, sand washing, paper making, dyeing, printing, coal washing, piling, urban tap water, slaughtering. Field, feces, biogas residue, power plant desulfurization, ceramics, leather, kaolin grading and other fields.

Yongfeng Machine(Taiwan) CO,LTD

    Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has been in 20 years. Products made by the company covers aviation, transportation , furniture, refrigeration and air conditioning , sports equipment , cars, bikes , leisure goods ......
    The company is located in the scenic mainland factories , industrial atmosphere , Zhejiang, Huang Zhen Huang strong store functional areas, covers an area of 15,000 square meters , the main products...


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